My MarsPad

So I recently came across an IPad and was able to trade it even for my highly regarded Kindle Fire which I acquired for free some time ago without even having to use a gun. Having always been straight forward about my love for Kindle and the disdain for its rivals, the iPad was no different.

A good analogy of what has happened to me over the past few days is that of a guy who goes out and has fun all of the time. He has a pretty good life and as far as he’s concerned it couldn’t get any better. Then one fateful day he discovers through a coworker that there is this guy named Jesus who opens his eyes and enhances his life in ways that he didn’t even know existed.

Since I’ve been in possession of “the pad” I’ve become an obsessive freak. Then…to top it off I discovered during one of my millions of app browsing extravaganzas that they have A MARS HILL APP!!!

Long story short…
I’m still on it…right now.

Jesus, thank you for opening my eyes to how rockin sweet the iPad is.

If you just happen to run across $500 or $600 lying around any time soon…spend all of it on an iPad…the rent will take care of itself.