BE A MAN not a joke!

There is a deep place in every mans heart that creates such incredible pain. It causes pain within himself. It causes pain for members of his family and friends. And ultimately, it causes pain and strife within the relationship that he holds with his Father and Lord. 

This is a dark place. It is a place that we do not naturally let anyone in. It is a private place. This is the place that Jesus is knocking on the door of in that familiar painting. 

The place is our sin. Our secret sin. It’s the part of us that only gets revealed to whom we allow. It’s the area deep inside that is left when we look past the fake crap that we show others in our lives. I’m talking about the things that you  happen to forget to mention when talking to your accountability partner/s. Or perhaps you flat out lie about it for fear of judgement or embarrassment. Many of us even hide it from ourselves. We convince ourselves that there is justification for what we do, or that it was only once and won’t happen again (the 235th time). We stupidly lie to God. We neglect to pray about our sin specifically and keep our conversations with God on the surface, which of course makes EVERY prayer that we pray ineffective and worthless. It makes us like the pharisees. Soon we become pretenders. We are FAKE. WE ARE NOT MEN! God calls us to honesty. God wants so badly to enter into those rooms in our life and clean them out, leaving no dirt; no garbage; no pain. Our wives want desperately to feel close to us, but when we behave like this, the REAL us doesn’t exist. There is NO closeness in marriage. There is NO truth in our friendships. There is NO honor in our service. And there is NO (ZERO) relationship with Jesus.

I would encourage you brothers, if you call yourself a brother, to be a MAN. Stop deceiving your wives and children into thinking that you are a man. Stop being a joke. Stop LYING to GOD. Stop justifying your sin! Come out of hiding. Because God will judge you. You are bringing wrath on yourself. Be a MAN of God. Be the MAN that your family needs. Be the MAN that your brothers need. Be the MAN that you want deep down to be.

Be Clean.

Feel a freedom that can only be felt through repentance; TRUE repentance.

James 5:16
Therefore, confess your sins to one another and pray for one another, that you may be healed.