Bible Stories and Mother Goose

Daniel and the lions den; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abendego in the inferno; Noah and his titanic; Jonah and his pet fish; Moses and his magic wand…

These I have heard throughout my childhood many times. Over and over I’ve heard the Sunday School rendition of these Bible “Stories” and others. I have read the bible more than once and have preached and taught that the bible is inerrant and infallible. That it is perfect and true in every form. And yet many times my life speaks differently. My actions do not concur. I began to wonder this in the morning while reading Daniel Chapter 1, what the story would’ve actually been like. What would it have been like to be a part of this story? What would it taste like to eat the kings food? What fear would come over me when the foreign king came and God allowed him to take my country; God’s country? Would I have made the same decisions as Daniel and his friends did? Would I stand up for what I believe in? More importantly, would I have considered eating the kings food defilement to my body, or would I have just gone with the flow?

Many questions arised in my mind as I read. Then I began to think about these stories that I have so adamently defended in the past. How powerful is the God that we serve?!?! How amazing is it to read and hear about these “stories” of rescue and hat seems to be magical power. Many Christian people, not unlike me, have read and heard these stories for many years and have defended them as complete truth.

And yet we sin. And yet we struggle within ourselves to believe. We have a fight within our minds and hearts in which one side is telling us that God is God and is powerful and will protect and love us. The other side tells us that “we need to take control of our finances, because God won’t”. It tells us that Jesus’ death and resurrection for our sins apperantly isn’t very magical because we still struggle. We struggle with pain and lust, because we do not focus and trust.

I ask you today, do you REALLY believe these tales from God’s word, or are they mere mother goose, humpty dumpty, fairy tales? Because if you do believe they’re truth, then you would know that we have a God that is capable of some pretty powerful things. The most amazing two to me would be the Creation of All things from nothing, and of course, to then become the sacrafice for that creation so that they might live with you.

Think about this today. Reread some of those old passages that you remember from childhood. Ask yourself if they are really real, or just tales.

If you believe, then know your God.

If you believe, then believe your God.

If you believe, then trust your Jesus.


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