Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries

God has worked wondrous miracles throughout human history for the purpose of self-glory and spreading the gospel of Christ to sinful mankind. The life of Katie Davis is no different a story than many others throughout the history of the world. She is being used by God to spread the good news of the gospel and to care for those who cannot care for themselves. She is an instrument, and against all odds and human thinking has been used to preach a gospel with her life that most “Christians” never do anything more than speak about amongst themselves (which makes you a joke and NOT a Jesus follower). I have linked this ministry and a couple of videos of the amazing story of Katie Davis and Amazima Ministries. Please check it out and pray for this ministry and donate to it. Likewise, I would ask you to be inspired by this story and live your own life in a similar selfless fashion so that God can be glorified in your life and so that the Gospel of God may be spread.

Amazima Ministries