News Rant

-George Clooney arrested for not listening to police during protest in Washington!
-If we exercise our freedom of speech and the Government doesn’t listen, then do our freedoms count?
-It’s time for capitalism to grow up!
-Can Santorum win where it matters?

These are just a few of today’s headlines across the news world. And after reading and sifting through the news today, all that I have to say is, “Who Cares?”

All I learned was that the government doesn’t listen to the people, there are questions of whether Rick Santorum can beat Obama in November, Capitalism is full of sinners who think of themselves, and George Clooney is a bumbling idiot that wastes his money on campaigns that will die when he does.

Anyone who is over 16 years old already knew all of those things.

Our nations focus is on all of the wrong things. It’s all about me. Me. Me. Me. “Everything needs to be fixed for me”, or “That’s not fair to me”, or even “Let me help this cause so I will get more time in the spotlight.”

Here is some news for you.

You suck. You suck in every way imaginable. You sin daily out of spite, rebellion, or pure ignorance. You are not worth spending time to fix. The God of the universe, who created everything from nothing by speaking, owes you nothing. In fact, you deserve hell. You deserve nothing but an eternity in hell, no matter how good you think you are. You are not good. God sent his only Son here. Jesus volunteered to come here, from his own free will, and he was crucified! Crucified so that you could live a life of freedom. And not the freedom that we think that we deserve because we are humans. He died and ROSE FROM THE DEAD to give you the freedom to life without sin. Without thinking of yourself first. Without lusting for things that you can’t have. Without greed that kills people and souls.
Leave your pride and hear this news…

Jesus wants to spend time with you and be your friend.
He loves you; truly loves you and wants your love in return.
Jesus has a wonderful plan for your life.

Embrace him and his love.
Know that he cares for you.
Accept his invitation of eternal life in heaven with him.
Love him back.

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